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Children are our hope for the future. There are various children related problem both physically and mentally such as abandoned children, child abuse and many derivative social problems which are easily to be neglected in today rapid society. Children's Home take up the responsibility to serving children welfare, must be analyzing media news at any time to get close to the society and understand the reality behind the problems.

Contemporary management consultant Peter F. Drucker said:" Economy was the main lead in forty or fifty years ago. In the coming twenty to thirty years, social problems will be leading the society". Passing through information revolution and social reform, social care is as important as economical businesses. It is a long way to go for the development of innovative industry and service industry competitiveness. Organization has to increase working efficiency on the foundation. In-depth thinking and analyst has to be done from micro and macro angles.
(1) Micro aspect: must be particular about the details of communicating, inspiring, learning and knowledge accumulating.
(2) Macro aspect: Must comprehend the characteristics as well as the growth and decline of the industry, technology trend, variation of community needs, social needs, values and so on in order to amend service strategies and indicate the endeavor direction of organization.

We are stepping into the world of developed country. The pace of basic education is even faster and more effort is needed. The workers in knowledge-based economy have changed their demand of knowledge. They used to be accepting everything but they are now to be more particular in specialty, depth, instant and ever changing. When dealing with countless well-structured organizations and their unlimited competitiveness, fellow workers must possess complete capability such as plentiful knowledge, international vision and so forth in response to the trend of era.

For the purposes of leading the counseling cases to the normal growth in the ever-changing uncertain era and enhancing government service quality, staffs have to adopt lifetime learning in order to pursue more knowledge domains. Organization has to establish fine culture to stimulate human resources for the ability of leadership and change. Not only relying on the external technology as the force for change, it is more important to excite the motivation for change. Promote the "attitude" of change - not taking it as a threat but as an opportunity. Continuous innovation and make the competitive advantage originated from the institution itself. With the excellent organization capability, integrate technology, manpower, material resources and strategies to adjust management quality, research and development ability, staffs attitude, so to offer "Creative" + "Artistic Creation " services.

In recent years, due to the tight financial budget of government, every resource has to be brought to its full play. Other than proceed with love and patience, Children's Home staffs carry out evaluative research with the use of psychological counseling program. Counseling outcomes are comprehended and thus establish multi counseling models: self explore, schoolwork counseling, tracking counseling, family reconstruct, medical care, career planning, cultural excite; so to achieve the targets of enhancing counseling technique, accommodation quality, welfare service quality, and children and juvenile healthy growing character.


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