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Southern Region Children’s Home, one of the governmental public welfare sectors to accommodate those orphaned and helpless children in order to implement national child welfare policy and thus safeguard children's fundamental human rights. Children's Home is situated in a fine environment. There are professional counselors and medical personnel providing 24-hour services.
Besides, there are a variety of special lessons provided according to individual differences to enlighten the diverse talents of Children's Home students. For the purpose of helping graduated institution's students in adapting social life, much attention is paid on medical care. Besides, original family reconstruction is also being strengthened.
Executive Yuan Council passed 「Challenge 2008 - National Development Plan」 announcing the launch of a new century. The trend of globalization and digitalization is rolling on with full force; we are confronting a whole new political and economic situation as well as the global competitive model. Resources need to be concentrated, prioritize the implementation of national key development plans; invest in the important construction that can enhance development potential, breakthrough limitation; these firm competitiveness can only lead us steeping into modernization.One of the Ten Key Individual Plans :
e-Generation Manpower Cultivation Plan - set up a system of online education for all the people - reduce the urban-rural digital divide in primary and secondary education; Enliven Youth Education - promote music and sports education in schools; Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan - cultivate art, design and creative manpower; Water and Green Construction - promote green campuses…etc are the service strategies which Children Home has been working hard on for years. In recent years, technology is used as accelerator for new learning environment construction. Although community service is the most traditional industry, latest technology brings the most valuable social values into full play. We are in the transformation process, teachers and students are learning to grow while adjusting themselves in the transformation. The leisure space with the combination of art, joy and harmonious services open up a new feature of social engineering.
Children Home encourages multi-talent development and the learning of variety skills. In accordance to the rapid information dissemination during knowledge-based economy, community network classrooms are established. Schools and sub-ward head service centers are linked up to serve the purpose of promoting e-Generation living intelligence. Free Internet learning opportunities are available for institution's children at Children's Home as well as for the disadvantaged children in the community.
Institution has a string band with over thirty years of history. Under the guidance of volunteer teachers, the band presents their performance and left its footmarks all over the places. The band is now equipped with various instruments. In addition, professionals are employed to train on percussion band. These efforts are done to activate teenagers' livelihood. Children's Home carries out skill training enthusiastically.
Children' Home encourages skill education enthusiastically and emphasizes on aesthetic education and the form of vision art. By "art socialization", institution students' sense of belonging can be promoted. In addition, "vision art education" and "artist encampment project" are planned so that the psychological training of art education can enlighten special students to develop self-expression and emotional learning in order to achieve both art remedy and education purposes on functions interconnection of sensory organs.Lessons of the year are: seal cutting. calligraphy,
press flower, styling, dancing, young children art class, lower grades art class, advance level art class, basic art class etc. Lessons are established to develop educational functions for talent cultivation of art, design and creativity.
Fellow workers are united to develop the unused spaces, DIY green garden, rooftop renewal in coordinate with institution, activity center interior renovation, institution's internal roadways rebuilt, children health room setting up, etc. Besides, there is an artificial fog drip scenery for environmental beautification as well as to lower temperature, keep moist, mosquito repellent. With all the effort, a green campus is thus established.

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